Patty Hills, MSW, RSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker & Certified EMDR Therapist 

519-357-8615  [email protected] 

Please Call For A Free 30 Minute​ Telephone Consultation 


​Help is just a phone call away.  During this fee 30 minute telephone consultation you will have the opportunity to share with me a  little about yourself, your story, and what has prompted you seek therapy service with me at this time.  I will let you know a little about me, my practice, and the services I offer.  We will discuss your strengths, resources, and factors impacting the timing and intensity of therapy so you can make an informed choice before scheduling your first in-person or remote (video conference) fee for service therapy session.    If I am not able to answer your call, please leave me a detailed message including your name and phone number on my confidential voice mail and I will get to you as soon as I am able. Please note that I do not offer crisis services. If you or your family member is experiencing a mental health crisis please call the Huron-Perth Crisis Response and Helpline at 1-888-829-7484.

Privacy & Limits to Confidentiality 

All information that is shared between you and I is confidential unless required to be shared by law.  This includes but is not limited to situations where there is a need to protect you or others from harm, I am subpoenaed to attend court, there is a dispute between us, or it's a matter of public health.  I will ask for your consent to share information with others for case coordination and service planning.  In situations of joint custody for children under the age of 12, consent from all guardians is required before services can be provided to your child.  Electronic client files are kept for each client in compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA 2004).  

Individual Therapy - Child, Youth or Adult EMDR

Many of clients I work with have been impacted by living through negative traumatic life events that have negatively impacted their perception of trust in themselves, their attachment relationships, and the world.  We are all vulnerable to symptoms of PTSD which generally includes symptoms of hyperarousal, or avoidance of things that remind us of the traumatic event.  When we are triggered and flip into survival mode it can  have a negative impact on being able to do the things we want or need to in our daily lives.  For those who did not receive the gift of secure attachment the the impact of trauma can be even more overwhelming.  EMDR is a structured sensory based intervention that uses bilateral stimulation to help the brain to process the traumatic memories so that this information and distress felt can be reprocessed and cleared. Children and youth have the opportunity to participate in play therapy techniques including sand and art.

Family Therapy

It is my goal in family therapy is to strengthen  the security in the parent child attachment relationship as it is the foundation for emotional wellbeing for all children.  Guiding principals are used from the Circle of Security & Integrative Parenting Programs which teach that kids are not being difficult, they are having difficulty.  As caregivers are taught how to stay bigger, stronger, wiser, and kind in their interaction​s with their children, children feel more secure and are able to use their relationship with their caregivers to work through their difficulties and find solutions.   


Couples Therapy

It is my goal in couples therapy to help couples strengthen the security the feel in their emotional connection to their partners by using the Gottman Method. The Gottman Method teaches skills to strengthen friendship, improve shared meaning, and  builds skills for managing conflict.