Patty Hills, MSW, RSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker & Certified EMDR Therapist 

519-357-8615  [email protected] 

Covid19 Protocols 

During Covid-19 therapy sessions are being offered both in person and remotely by Zoom for Business which is PHIPA compliant. 

It is important to note that participating in in person therapy during Covid19 has inherent health risks that must be taken into consideration.  You must agree to self-monitoring, sanitizing, and social distancing procedures as recommended by the Huron-Perth Public Health Unit and in accordance with the OCSWSSW guidelines.  You will be asked to self-screen for Covid19 symptoms prior to leave home for your appointment.  Covid19 symptoms include:  fever, new or worsening cough, difficulty breathing, sort throat or difficulty swallowing, loss of taste or smell, if you have travelled outside of Canada, if you had contact with a confirmed or probable case of Covid19, if had contact with someone who has travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days who has symptoms of a respitory illness.  If you do not pass these screening questions, please stay home, and give me a call to make a plan for your session.  It may be possible to use Zoom as an alternative.  If you do pass your Covid19 screening questions, I encourage you to arrive just in time for your appointment and wait in your car until I wave from the door to welcome you in.  This allows time for other clients to leave and for me to disinfect the office between appointments.  You will asked the Covid19 screening questions again at the door prior to entry.  

It is important to note that remote therapy using Zoom has both its risks and benefits that will be monitored throughout your treatment.  The benefit is that it reduces the risk of spread of Covid19, minimizes travel, and  allows your intervention to continue uninterrupted if there is inclement weather or illness.  There are security risks however when communicating on-line.  As a remote therapy client you will need to participate in creating an appropriate space for your sessions where your privacy can be protected and distractions minimized.  In case of technology failure I will give you a call to make a plan for the remainder of the session.